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Welcome to our monthly public policy poll, which is released by the Center for American Political Studies at Harvard and The Harris Poll. Sign up for updates and scroll below to find more information about poll results and coverage.

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January 2018: National Poll

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Jan 2018: Key Results

Crosstabs: DACA, Shutdown, and Taxes Flash Poll

Topline: DACA, Shutdown, and Taxes Flash Poll

Crosstabs: Current Affairs

Topline: Current Affairs

Poll: Majority oppose shutting down government over DACA provision

Poll: Trump job approval hovers near low-point

Poll: Biden holds double-digit lead over field of 2020 Dem presidential contenders

December 2017: National Poll

Dec 2017: Crosstabs

Dec 2017: Topline Results

November 2017: National Poll

Nov 2017: Key Results

Crosstabs: Current Affairs

Topline: Current Affairs

How to fix the Democratic Party

Poll: Majority oppose GOP tax-reform bill

Poll: Trump job approval hits new low

October 2017: National Poll

Oct 2017: Key Results

Crosstabs: Social Media Opinions

Topline: Current Affairs

Crosstabs: Current Affairs

Americans 'evenly split' over need to regulate Facebook and other big tech

Poll: Trump job approval dips to new low in Harvard-Harris poll

Poll: GOP voters want McConnell to step down

Poll finds broad support for renegotiating nuclear deal with Iran

Opinion: Why the Polls are Still Wrong

September 2017: National Poll

Sept 2017 Poll: Key Results

Topline: Current Affairs

Crosstabs: Current Affairs

Poll: Two-thirds of Republicans back citizenship for DACA recipients

Poll: Majority supports single-payer health care

August 2017: National Poll

August 2017 Poll: Key Results

Topline: Current Affairs

Crosstabs: Current Affairs

Trump faces leadership test with Hurricane Harvey

Poll: Majority disapprove of Trump’s handling of North Korea

Poll: Trump missed an opportunity to unite after Charlottesville

Poll: McConnell the country’s least popular politician

July 2017: National Poll

July 2017 Poll: Key Results

July 2017 Poll: Topline Memo

July 2017 Poll: Crosstabs Memo

Trump announces plan to cut legal immigration in half

Poll finds support for marijuana legalization

Poll: Dems have the edge in healthcare debate

June 2017: National Poll

June 2017 Poll: Key Results

June 2017 Poll: Topline Memo (Full)

June 2017 Poll: Crosstabs (Full)

Poll: Trump approval rating rebounds

Poll: Voters grow weary of Russia probes

Poll: Former AG Lynch should be investigated

Poll: One-third blame media for political violence

May 2017: National Poll

May 2017 Poll: Key Results

May 2017 Poll: Topline Memo (Full)

May 2017 Poll: Crosstabs (Full)

Topline: Current Affairs, Favorability & Demographics

Crosstabs: Current Affairs, Favorability & Demographics

OPINION: Don't repeat the mistakes of Clinton and 1998 with Trump

Poll: Most say Trump won’t be impeached

Poll: Majority says mainstream media publishes fake news

Poll: Dems don't accept Trump as legitimate president

Poll: Majority sees GOP health bill as step backward

April 2017: National Poll

April 2017 Poll: Key Results

April 2017 Poll: Topline Memo

April 2017 Poll: Crosstabs

Topline: Country Direction and Trump Approval

Crosstabs: Country Direction and Trump Approval

Topline: Favorability Tables

Topline: Foreign Policy: Syria and North Korea

Trump’s approval falls as gender gap widens

Poll: Bernie Sanders country’s most popular active politician

Voters back Trump on Syria, wary of North Korea action

Poll: Voters support controversial border-adjustment tax

March 2017: National Poll

March 2017 Poll: Key Results

March 2017 Poll: Topline Memo

March 2017 Poll: Crosstabs

Topline: James Comey and Russia Investigation

Topline: Healthcare

Topline: Democratic Party 2020

Crosstabs: Healthcare and Democratic Party 2020

Poll: Voters split on Trump's job performance

Trump's message: Russia First or America First?

Poll: By 2 to 1 margin, registered voters reject Comey

For Democrats, no clear leader

Poll: Majority skeptical of GOP healthcare bill

February 2017: Inaugural Harvard-Harris Poll

Feb. 2017 Poll: Key Results

Feb. 2017 Poll: Topline Memo

Feb. 2017 Poll: Crosstabs

Poll: Americans want Democrats to work with Trump

Trump and Democrats must work together or face the wrath of voters

Americans brimming with optimism on the economy

Poll: Americans overwhelmingly oppose sanctuary cities

Pence is Trump’s top surrogate